Cromet 136. de la sèrie viatges i altres paisatges. Enviat per una persona que viu "a la quinta forca", en aquest cas "Sant Francisco", via l'e-mail d'una catalana que ens recorda sempre a través dels seus passejos.

passeig pel port de Barcelona

It isn't a Sant Francisco's post card, ehh, it is a beautiful post card of Barcelona's port at the beginning of this century (this is my present)


“Where do we go from here?”

A short memoir by Antonio Garnachas Chacon

It’s Tuesday evening, and we begin our long walk in the great city by the bay, the city of San Francisco. Maria and I approach the streets of California and Kearny and face each other. Maria proceeds to ask me “So, what path shall we take today?” I respond by saying “How about our usual, down to the Embarcadero and up Hyde Street?” “Great, let’s do it then,” Maria replies. And so off we go, strolling down the busy street of California, surrounded by massive buildings with lights illuminating the streets as the dusk of the night creeps upon us. “Ding, ding”, the penetrating sound of San Francisco’s cable car stings our ears as it goes a- rolling-by, full of people rushing to get home from work. “Can you spare some change?” a dirty but soft spoken homeless man asks as we pass him in front of a fancy restaurant full of professionally dressed business people. “Taxi, taxi!” an elegant women shouts from the corner of an intersection as she impatiently waits. We continue to walk with our senses aware of the surroundings but at the same time deeply engaged in ordinary conversation. Then a moment comes when we pause from talking and observe our environment...
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