Dimecres, 1 de juny

Música per a lleons

magic time La música amansa les feres. Traspassa la fina pell del camaleó i commou el cor dur del lleó. Les cançons de "Magic Time" de Van Morrison tenen el mateix poder: afinen la pell i estoven el cor.

The lion this time

The lion this time again
He’s in the circus in a cage
He’s trying to break out of the frame
The lion this time

He hears that same old sad refrain
But they can’t hold him with no chain
And they just can’t denounce his claim
The lion again

And he’s trying to get free
He knows that something’s bothering me
That I’m not too blind to see
The lion again
Oh, the love that’s in his soul
Is trying to get out you know
If only you could hear it roar
The lion again this time

They couldn’t take away his throne
He knows that he must stand alone
If need be, have a heart of stone
The lion again......

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